Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cries of a Broken Spirit

Cries of a Broken Spirit

 A June 10, 2015 release

This title has been quite popular for the past two years in the Kindle version, and recently, has been requested in libraries in several states. Therefore, it has
 been made available in paperback, as well. It has also been expanded, now containing 100 pages of new material. I hope you enjoy reading it, keeping in mind that it is based on a true, heartbreaking story of alcoholism and suicide!

Friday, January 16, 2015

One Special Summer

My newest book just came out on January 14th. I hope you like it.
It's a new genre for me: teens and young adults.
This story has been with me for a long time. Actually, I had thought I'd go for getting it in an online magazine, but with almost everyone owning a Kindle or some other reading device these days, it made sense to use that format. The first night out, I put it to the test on Facebook and it garnered some interest. Seems that is a popular genre!
I haven't had much feedback yet except for my good friend, Carol, who thinks whatever I write is "the best." She's been my #1 cheerleader since I wrote my first story in my early teens! I thank God for a friend like her! I try to be as good a friend to her in return. I hope I am.
But I digress. We'll see in the next couple of weeks if writing a book like this one was worth my while or if I should return to my former type of stories.
At any rate, it never hurts to try something new - broaden one's horizons.
If you've already downloaded it and read it, I thank you! And I'd welcome your input. Please let me know how you liked the story - or better yet - write a review on Amazon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Remembering Sadie

 Remembering Sadie

Introducing my newest E-Book. It's about a six-pound Yorkshire Terrier who brought a lot of joy to my family and me.
Sadie was special in every way: beautiful to look at, smart, and a wonderful companion. She was a member of our family for eleven years. It would be a crime not to give her a proper tribute!
Hope you enjoy her story.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stop the World and Get Off

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by duties, debts or just the stress of everyday living, perhaps it's time to take a break.
This book offers some suggestions on how to do that.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I've been paying so much attention to my e-Books that I've been neglecting the only one that isn't an e-book – my first child, so to speak.  

Every mother knows her first child holds a special place in her heart. She doesn't love him or her any more than the others, but no matter how many she gives birth to, there'll always be a tiny space in her heart that is reserved for her first-born. 

When it was time for my first book to be born, I was almost as nervous as I was when I gave birth to my first child. I didn’t know what to expect. But I soon learned that it wasn’t all fun and games. Childbirth is a serious proposition, whether it’s a rosy-cheeked baby or a thought-provoking book you’re bringing into the world. 

But, like all mothers, with the help of some very knowledgeable people, I came through both birthings without any serious trouble. And in each instance, when I saw my prize, I was a proud, happy parent right along with my husband. 

Somewhere in Heaven My Mother is Smiling holds a special place in my heart. My mother passed away a few years before the book came to life, and the title evolved from the many things I had written about her. It still tugs at my heartstrings to read some of those pages. 

No matter how many books I give birth to, this one will always live in that singular place. There is room for nothing else – except, perhaps, my first-born child.                                              

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hope You Like This One

I dedicated this one to my church.
I've said this before but I'll tell you again just in case you missed it - you don't have to have a Kindle to read an e-book. Just go to this link and download Amazon's free App. that lets you read e-books on your PC or almost any other device you have.
Amazon thinks of everything!
Hope you like this one~

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Whispers of Youth


             Sweet Whispers of Youth
Hi everyone. Happy New Week!
It seems Blogger is having some problems with Peggy's Ponderings and I can't post anything right now. That's why you haven't seen anything new for a few days. I have informed them of the problems, though, and hopefully, they'll get them taken care of in a day or two.
I've been busy for the past week.
I've been putting together another e-Book. This one is a little different. It's poetry. Really old poetry! I wrote most of it when I was in my teens and early twenties. A few were written later, but not many.
While you're reading, try to remember that teenagers are full of hormones and emotion. Most of them think the world revolves around them. They love, hate, laugh and cry with more gusto than adults do. And then one day, it's over - around eighteen or nineteen years old and, hopefully, life gets a little more normal.
It was during that period in my life that I wrote most of these poems. I hope you enjoy at least a few of them.